Yes NO Tarot reading online for free


Explanation of tarot cards

State a specific question mentally and select 1 card from the deck

Tarot reading yes no divination is understandable. This divination gives us the answer to the question. YES or OR. For such a fortune telling, we do not need a map pusher. After all, you get a direct answer to your question.
Yes NO TarotFor fortune-telling, ask about yourself or out loud what interests you. And select a card from the deck. This fortune telling is one of the simplest fortune tellings. However, it answers your questions very accurately. If you want the cards to explain to you in more detail, then use other divinations on our site. For example – Tarot card – online divination answers to questions.

The essence of fortune telling YES NO

The nature of estate telling is pure. You choose a card. Read the answer card. In addition to yes or no answers, the card can further clarify the essence of the solution. Sometimes the card answers YES to one type of questions. And the other kind of problems is responded to NO. Also, the map will react differently in a direct and upside-down position.
For each question, Tarot cards give a separate answer. But only once a day. And questions tarot cards, you can ask a lot.

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