What is the significator

How to choose a significator in the tarot layout?

In the hands of the Tarot are often used significators.

The Significator is a special card, the value of which reflects the essence of the question or determines the person who asks the question.

The Significator is selected from the deck before the predictor shuffles the deck, and is placed on the alignment point (in the layout, indicated by the letter S). After that, the predictor asks a question, shuffles the deck and lays out the rest of the cards, respectively, of the hand.

Some predictors use significators for all layouts, some do not use them at all.

According to Waite, it is proposed to use the Mage card for the male questioner and the High Priestess for the questioner woman.

Very often, court cards are used as a significator — Pages, Knights, Ladies, Kings of all four stripes. The choice of a specific card, in this case, depends on the predictor’s idea of ​​the most questioning (hair color, zodiac sign, social status, age, etc.)

But you can also use any card as a significator if the essence of the issue is clear – for example, 10 pentacles, if we are talking about inheritance and wealth, 2 cups – about the friendship of the questioner with someone, 7 wands – the issue of diploma protection, etc. d.

Tarot is an intuitive Oracle, so I recommend that you select the alignment significator also intuitively. If the image on the map gives you a feeling of absolute certainty that no other map can describe this situation better – it means that this map will be the most correct identifier.

If you know well the value of Tarot cards, you can use inverted cards as a Significator.

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  • […] S – Significator. what Significator? […]

    • shaoran2010
      22.04.2019 17:04

      “Significator” in a tarot reading is a pointer.This is the TARO card, personifying the questioner, or the same question with which it came. For example, if a woman came to you to read TAROT, then you should choose a card that is identical with her. For example, the High Priestess.

  • The High Priestess Tarot card is an indicator of creativity and inspiration for those involved in the arts. For students, if The High Priestess Tarot card appears a good teacher may be coming into your life to help you in your studies. Be careful who you discuss your finances with. Keep them on a need to know basis.


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