What does each number mean in numerology

1. Number 1 :

number 1The number 1 stands in the symbolism for the planet SUN. This number represents all that is creative, individual and positive. Thus person represented by this number is creative, inventive, strong individuals, definite in his/her views, and in consequence more or less obstinate and determined in all the projects the individual undertakes. They are bold and like restraint in life. They always rise in whatever their profession or occupation may be. They have a desire to be at the top of each and every venture.

All persons born on 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month have the following traits.

Characteristics : Natural leader, self-sufficient, ambitious. Political leadership, celebrity, or small business owner.

Precautions : Avoid extremes of bossiness, shyness. Too impulsive.

Special about you : Standing out from the crowd. Trying new ideas.

2. Number 2 :

number 2The number 2 stands in symbolism for the MOON. It has a few attributes of the number 1. Such persons are gentle by nature, imaginatve, artistic and romantic. They are inventive by nature but are not very forceful in carrying out their ideas. Their qualities are more on the mental plane than the physical plane and they are seldom as strong physically as those born under number 1. They should guard against being restless and unsettled and the lack of continuity in their plans and ideas. They too easily get despodent and melancholy if they are not in happy surroundings.

Persons born under 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any month have following traits.

Characteristics : Loving, peace-maker, analytical, ideal partner, counselor, partner in small business.

Precautions : Hanging back, not speaking up. Stuck on details, lonely.

Special about you : Finding the right relationship. Needs, harmony, order.

3. Number 3 :

Number 3The number 3 Stands for the planet JUPITER. Number 3 people are decidedly ambitious, they are never satisfied by being in subordinate positions, their aim is to rise in the world, to have central place and authority over others. They are excellent in execution of commands, law order and decipline in all things and are extremely conscietious in carrying out their duties. They are sometimes overdominating. For this reason, although they are not quarrelsome, they succeed in making many enemies.

All those born on 3rd, 21st, 12th, 30th of any month have the following qualities.

Characteristics : Outgoing, joy of life, imaginative, Enthusiastic, Press secretary, Party planner.

Precautions : Fears routine, May lack self-discipline, Accomplish little.

Special about you : Energy and ideas in action, having good time.

4. Number 4 :

Number 4The number 4 stands in symbolism for planet URANUS. Number 4 people have a distinct character of their own. They appears to view everything from an opposite side angle to everyone else. In an argument they will always take the opposite side, and although not meaning to quarrelsome, yet they bring about opposition and make a great number of secret enemies who constantly work against them. They often rebel against constituitional authority and set up rules and regulations either in the domestic or public life. They do not make true friends easily.

All the persons born on 4th,13th, 22nd, and 31st of a month get attracted to these qualities.

Characteristics : Works hard, Practical, Administrator, Team Player, Back office of small business.

Precautions : Fears downsizing, Not having familiar routine. Rigid.

Special about you : Need for security. Develops order out of chaos.

5. Number 5 :

Number 5The Number 5 stands in symbolism for the planet MERCURY and is versatile and mercurial in all its characterstics. Number 5 people make friends easily and get on with persons born under almost any other numbers, but their best friends are people representing their own number. The number 5 people are mentally very highly strong. They live on their own and appear to crave for excitement. They are quick in thoughts and decisions, and impulsive and seem naturally to drift into all methods of making quick money. Have keen sense of making money by inventions and new ideas. They have the most wonderful elasticity of character and nothing seems to affect them for very long. When tested, they easily become irritable and quick tempered.

All those born on 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month are number 5 people have the following qualities.

Characteristics : To search for new opportunities. Take chances. Try it all.

Precautions : Restlessness to the point of boredom. Easily side-tracked.

Special about you : Public figure, media, develop new idea for small business.

6. Number 6 :

Number 6The Number 6 stands in symbolism for planet VENUS. Persons having Number 6 as their number are extremely magnetic, they attract others to them, and are loved and often worshipped by those under them. They are very determined in carrying out their plans, and may infact be deemed obstimate and unyielding, except when they themselves become deeply attached, in such a case they become slaves to those they love. They lean to be romantic and ideal in all matters of the affections. They love beautiful things, make most artistic homes, and fond of rich colours, also paintings and music. They cannot stand in discard and jealousy.

All those born on 6th, 15th, and 24th of any month are number 6 people have the following qualities.

Characteristics : Warm, Nurturing, and happily domestic. Reliable. Personal assistant, Educator, or Caterer.

Precautions : May end up feeling like a doormat. Can be too opinionated.

Special about you : Taking care of loved ones. Finding safety, comfort.

7. Number 7 :

Number 7The Number 7 stands in symbolism for the planet NEPTUNE. People representing number 7 are very independent, original and have strongly marked individuality. At heart they love change and travel, being restless in their nature. They devour books on travel and have a wide universal knowledge of the world at large. They often make good writers, painters or poets, but in everything they do, they sooner or later, show a peculiar philosphical outlook on life that reflects in all their work. As a class they care little about the material things of life, they become rich by their original ideas or methods of businesses. They have peculiar ideas about religion and dislike to follow the beaten track. They create a religion of their own. They have usually remarkable dreams and a peculiar magnetism of their own.

All persons born under the 7th, 16th, 25th of a month have these qualities.

Characteristics : A deep thinker spiritually inclined, Unique, Eccentric. Self-Employment in small business.

Precautions : Too aloof and fears not living up to high standards, A loner.

Special about you : To seek answers to life’s questions, Observe, Discover.

8. Number 8 :

Number 8The Number 8 stands is symbolism for the planet SATURN. These people are invariably much misunderstood in their lives and perhaps for this reason they feel intensely lonely at heart. They have deep and intense natures, great strength of individuality, they generally play some important role in life’s stage, but usually one which is fatalistic, or in the instrument of fate for others. If at all religious they go to extremes and are fanatics in their zeal. They gradually make bitter and restless enemies. They are distinct and different from their follows. One side of the nature of this number represents, revolution, waywardness and eccentricities of all kinds and the other side represents philosophic thought, a strong leaning towards occult studies, religious devotion, concenteration o fpurpose, zeal and a fatalistic outlook colouring all actions.

Person born on 8th, 17th, and 26th of a month have number 8 as their number have the following qualities.

Characteristics : Decisive, Good with money, Accomplished Professional Operator of small business franchises.

Precautions : Often lacks feeling for those who standing the way of goals.

Special about you : To strive higher, Take control, Seek power, Status.

9. Number 9 :

Number 9The number 9 stands in symbolism for the planet MARS. They are fighters in all attempts in life. They usually have diificult times in their early years, but generally they are, in the end, successful by their strong will and determination. In character, they are hasty in temper, impulsive independent, and desire to be their own masters. They like to be called as the head of the family and dislike subordination. Their greatest danger arise from fool hardiness and impulsiveness in word and action. They are peculiary prone to accidents from fire/explosions and rarely get through life without injury from such causes. As a general rule they go under many operations by the surgeon’s knife. They usually experience many quarrels and strife in their home. This number is supposed to be a fortunate number to be born under, provided one control’s one’s thoughts and is not carried by excess of temper and violence that it also represents.

All the person born on 9th, 18th, and 27th of a month are number 9 people.

Characteristics : Inspired, Intuitive, Creative. Seeks to improve the world, Community leader, Organizer.

Precautions : Needs to avoid bad habits and attend to life’s details.

Special about you :
To see the “big picture.” To dream the dream.

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