Virgo horoscopeYour Sun sign is Virgo. You are well organized in your everyday life and at work, with methodical attention to detail. When this talent is needed, you are a useful person to have around, so jobs which depend upon these qualities will be the best ones for you. You are quite happy to let other people take the lead, especially when you can so clearly see that without your help to back them up, they would soon fail. Its just a question of getting into the right team! As a lover you are very interested in sex but tend to be a bit cautious about making the first move. This sometimes just inflames the desire of your potential lover even more and is usually a good thing so long as it is not too strong (when it could kill off desire altogether!) But when it comes to people intruding on your private life, or getting intimate with you when you hardly know them – you just hate that. Just be careful not to worry too much about life, especially the little day to day things. as this can sometimes be a problem for Virgos.

Keywords  Gentle, clever, careful, nervous, alert

Ruler          Mercury

Symbol      The Virgin

Metal         Mercury

Colors        Dark blue and gray.

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