Toss a coin online-Cast lots

Tap on the coin to start.

You can throw a coin to make a decision online. Toss a coin onlineOur coin will help you in making any decision. All just click on the coin and get the result. Heads or tails. Before you spin the coin, select the side of the coin for yourself. For example, heads-Yes, but tails-no. Or Vice versa. Maybe you can’t decide what to wear? – Blue or red dress. And so on. And our coin online will easily make a choice for you. It’s simple!

Draw lots, heads or tails

Of course, everyone knows where heads and tails are. But just in case, I want to remind you. That Tails from the word face) is the side of the coin where its face value or the face of the monarch is depicted. And the eagle, respectively, is the reverse side of the coin where the coat of arms is depicted.

Toss a coin online

It is very easy to throw a coin online. Go to our website randomes. top and click on the coin. It is especially convenient to Cast lots online from your phone. After all, you do not need to flip a coin in reality. And just click on the virtual coin and that’s it! Remember, every coin toss is completely random. It is based on a random number generator. Therefore, our coin is a real will of chance!

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