Three cards guessing – get the answer

Formulate the question you want to answer. And select 3 cards. If the answer is not clear to you, then you can try 3 times.

Divination three playing cards online. Three cards guessingThis is a classic fortune telling to get answers to your questions. It is easy to guess from him. Ask question. And draw three cards. Then read their interpretation. It is not necessary to be a professional in fortune telling to understand their answer. Just project the answer to your question. And you will understand everything. A feature of this fortune telling is that they can be straight and inverted. That is, in this fortune telling it matters which side the cards fall out. In a literal sense, the map usually has a positive value. In addition to the peak suit of course. In the inverted state, the map represents its negative value. And the peak suit enhances it.

Guessing  – the answer to your question

When you are worried about a question. Sometimes there is little response card YES or NO. I want more specifics. It is this fortune-telling three cards that give a specific answer to the question posed. If the answer is not very clear to you, then tomorrow you can ask about this question again. Or use another fortune-telling Tarot 3 cards. And then you will have a comprehensive answer to all your questions.

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