The Tarot of Love

Looking for love

This TAROT alignment will allow you to look at the personality of the person who is destined to bring love into your life: what qualities he or she will have, what areas his / her professional interests will be focused on, what impression this person will make on you at your first meeting and much more.

1 – General characteristics of the individual.

2 – What positive qualities of character he / she will possess.

3 – What negative qualities will be inherent in his / her personality.

4 – Kind of his / her professional activities.

5 – His / her appearance.

6 – Under what circumstances will your meeting happen.

7 – What impression will he/she make on you at your first meeting?

8 – What impression will you make on him/her at your first meeting?

9 – Your feelings towards him/her.

10 – His feelings towards him/her.

11 – What obstacles may arise in the path of the harmonious development of your relationship.

12 – Will your relationship be long term?


2 Possible divorce

1 – What are my reasons for expecting a divorce?

2 – Do I still love my wife (husband)?

3 – Is it true that one of us is deceiving the other?

4 – Isn’t money our problem? Do we not use money as a weapon against each other?

5 – Are we still sexually compatible?

6 – Why does my spouse (spouse) not want to be more responsible (oops)?

7 – Does my husband (wife) have problems with alcohol or drugs?

8 – Are we trying to control and manipulate each other?

9 – Can I change my negative attitude towards our marriage?

10 – What is all over?


3 Magic Love

1 – Will I ever find my true love?

2 – Will I feel safe with this person?

3 – Will we get married?

4 – Will this love be like my previous hobbies?

5 – Do financial obligations bind us?

6 – Will magic remain in our relationship?

7 – What should I do to make this person a part of my life?


4 Mirror

This alignment is useful in those cases when the question asked by the Questioners relates to the sphere of personal life or relations with another person.

Alignment interpreted in pairs, two opposite (as in a mirror image), maps.

1 – 4 – Body. Material needs. The nearest, immediate, specific.

2 – 5 – Thoughts. Intellectual sphere.

3 – 6 – Heart. What we feel deep inside and that often guides us.

7 – The shadow that we cast on others, refusing to take it inside.

8 – The shadow that others cast on us, as a result of their refusal to accept it.

9 – The essence of the relationship from the material point of view. What comes out of it.

10 – Higher alchemy of these relations.

To understand the shadow, one must, first of all, find its positive and stimulating sides. If we want to transform something, we must first accept this “something.” The quality that is frightening us, which we are currently projecting (casting a shadow) on others, can become a force if we realize it, and then transform it.

5 Lemniscate

This alignment is suitable for analyzing relationships as well as for revealing and disclosing internal contradictions between partners. If the Inquiring is interested in his relationship with a partner, then the right circle denotes the Inquiring and the left partner. If the Questioner is disturbed by internal contradictions, then the right ring symbolizes the consciousness and the left subconscious.

1 – 5 – What separates you in what you are farthest apart from each other is a centrifugal force.

3 – 7 – Point of contact, general, resonance, a possible path to reconciliation.

2 – 6 – Intentions, desires, goal.

4 – 8 – Internal need, inherent driving force.

How to lay out the cards correctly.

First, you need to consider cards (3 – 7) to find the total. If opposed cards turn out to be in these positions, then union and integrity are difficult to achieve – unless we are talking about the mutual attraction of two extremes.

The cards (1 – 5) to find out what these extremes are.

Further, maps (4 – 8), the most important, what are their internal needs. Usually, these inner, unconscious needs are stronger than the conscious aspirations and intentions of which the cards speak (2-6).


6 Love choice

When a person appears in the life of the Questioner who claims to take the place of your current partner and the Questioner does not know which of them to stay and meet in the future, the “Love choice” will come to the rescue.

S – Significator. What is the Significator?

1 – What keeps the old partner.

2 – What attracts a new partner.

3 – The critical map in this position tells you what to do.

4 – Way, hint on how to behave, how to do what you want to do.

5 – The outcome, the outcome of the case, the result of your actions.


7 New Lover

1 – Will I have a new connection soon?

2 – Who will this person be on the sign of the zodiac?

3 – Will we be compatible?

4 – Will this relationship belong?

5 – Will this person be close to me in spirit?

6 – What will be the outcome of my passion?


8 New Union

This alignment is used to find out whether a single person will soon (within the next six months) find a suitable partner. With the help of the layout, you can get advice on how to proceed to the questioner, to make it happen and how to behave, to make this union work out well.

S – Significator. What is the Significator?

1 – What would I like?

2 – Will I meet a new partner?

3 – If so, will it satisfy me? If not, is it not better to be alone during this period of life?

4 – If so, what can I do good for this partnership? If not, what can I do to meet a new partner?

5 – Advice for later life in search of a partner or a joint life with a new partner.


9 Current alliance

The alignment TAROT is convenient in cases where the Questioner is disturbed by something in the partnership when he is afraid for his future or feels that the partner is not good enough about him. The alignment will present a general picture of the relations that are currently established between the partners.

S – Significator. What is the Significator?

1 – How do I see myself in this union?

2 – How do I view my partner in this union?

3 – What connected us in the past?

4 – What keeps us allied at the moment?

5 – What awaits our union in the future?



10 Affiliate

This alignment is perfect for analyzing the situation when the Inquirer is not sure about the feelings of his partner or is concerned about his behavior.

In this case, the significators will be two cards: S1 – symbolizing the Questioner, and S2 – meaning his partner.

S1 – the Questioner Signifier. What is the Significator?

S2 – Partner Significator.

1 – What is the Questioner in this union?

2 – How the Questioner sees his partner.

3 – How does the Questioner see the union?

4 – That which strengthens the union.

5 – That which weakens the union.

6 – Hope for the Questioner.

7 – Fears of the Questioner, what worries.

8 – Task of the Questioner in this union.

9 – The task of the partner in this alliance.

10 – What will come out of this in the final result.


11 Guide for lovers

1 – Which partner am I looking for?

2 – Will this person be gentle, caring and loving?

3 – Will we have communication problems?

4 – What does this person represent professionally?

5 – Will our connection be based on sexual, emotional or psychological attraction?

6 – Are we mature enough for a serious relationship?

7 – Will we be close on religious grounds?

8 – What financial difficulties might arise?

9 – What can I do to make this person come into my life?


12 Alignment on marriage (marriage)

1 – Will I ever get married (will I get married)?

2 – Which partner is best for me?

3 – Is it easy for us to be together?

4 – Will we want to legitimize our relationship?

5 – Will we have similar likes and dislikes?

6 – Will, his family, accept me?

7 – How do we find each other?

8 – Will we share our cash?

9 – What should I (should) do, waiting for my other half?

10 – What is all over?


13 Parting

Alignment is associated with a particular problem: whether to remain in this union or to part with this partner. The alignment allows you to take a broader look at the situation in the analyzed union at the moment.

S1 – the Questioner Signifier. What is the Significator?

S2 – Partner Significator.

1 – What is the situation in the union at the moment?

2 – What the Questioner wants.

3 – What speaks in favor of parting.

4 – What says for the preservation of the union.

5 – What to do.

6 – Result, prediction.

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