The die is cast online-draw matches


Number of matches :

The die is cast or make a choice from many options. You can now go online. The die is cast stop wasting matches. Now you can pull matches online. Cast lots online. You can pull from two to ten matches to choose among many options.cast lots online

How to cast lots online.

To make a selection online, select how many matches there should be. By default, there are ten matches. One of which is broken. When you pull the draw, the whole match gone. And only a broken match will remain.

Why draw lots?

Drawing lots is not just for fun. For example, to determine who will play a game first. Or the die is cast who will go to the store for beer. There are many options that require blind selection. For example, what to wear today, where to go or go. Who will be the first to go to the Board or answer questions. That is, you need to cast lots where you need to make a choice in equivalent situations. Our online draw is completely random and guarantees complete spontaneity of choice. If you can’t decide for yourself or as a team some thing. – Where you have to make a choice. Go to this page and draw lots online.

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