Taurus horscopeYour Sun sign is Taurus. You are cautious and only do something after thinking about it for a while. This is especially useful when it comes to earning more money, which is important to you. You are a reliable down to earth kind of person. When there’s a problem in life with things getting too hectic, you’re a great one to have around. You make friends easily as you are hospitable and naturally friendly. As a lover, you give masses of affection. Your ideal partner is someone who needs this attention, and doesn’t mind that your are also very possessive. You love the outdoors for the contact with nature that it brings. Gardening could be a favorite hobby, especially in later life. At work you do best in a job where your trustworthiness is valued. You prefer a stable job to one where you are constantly unsure of what is going to happen next.

Keywords  Possessive, practical, conservative, determined, slow

Ruler          Venus

Symbol      The Bull

Metal         Copper

Colors        Blue, lighter shades of red

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