Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot cards are an ancient fortune-telling system based on the use of a deck of tarot cards, each card of which has its own particular philosophical and esoteric meaning.Tarot Card With the help of this fortune-telling, we can find out the influence of the past on the current situation or a question of interest, sort out our problems or relationships with our partners or detractors, understand how best to proceed so that your issue will be resolved favorably, and much more.

The classic tarot deck consists of 78 Tarot Cards and is divided into two parts:

  • Major (Senior) Arcana Tarot – 22 cards
  • Minor (Junior) Arcana Tarot – 56 cards

Older or “Major,” “Senior” arcane tarot – numbered from 0 to 21.
Minor or “Junior” arcane tarot – are divided into four suits, or “retinues”:

  • Swords
  • Cups (bowls)
  • Pentacles (coins, disks, denarii)
  • Wands (staves, scepters)

In each suit of the tarot deck 14 cards. These are numbered cards from Ace (1) to dozens, as well as “costume cards,” or figures: Page(knave), knight (rider), queen (queen) and king. The figures are also called the “yard.”

When divination on tarot cards take into account both the direct and the inverted position of the cards.

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