Tarot alignment for business and career

1 Whether to take over the business?

This tarot reading is designed to help you better understand received task from the Сhef, what pitfalls it hides, and how it will affect your career. The head in this reading TARO will see whether there are enough staff skills and the ability to solve its task or is it necessary to entrust to someone else. Check this paydayloansnow.co.uk

1 – The director of the company, enterprise.

2 – immediate supervisor of the employee.

3 – the employee (if you are a performer, the card will characterize you in this enterprise).

4 – Abilities and skills possessed by the employee.

5 – what dangers lie in wait for him in the tasks.

6 – The complete business plans.

7 – Council.


2 In anticipation of higher

This tarot reading is designed to help you figure out whether you should hope for a promotion soon, and learn how it will affect your life.

1 – Is it likely increase in principle.

2 – What you need to do to get a raise.

3 – How the career boost will happen.

4 – Effect of growth in your income.

5 – Effect of improvement in your social status.


3 Your career is

Tarot reading is designed to enable you to evaluate the current situation in your career objectively.

1 – Characteristics of the fact that you are giving your work, your contribution to it.

2 – How does it help you achieve your goals.

3 – What you should be wary of what pitfalls conceals your job.

4 – Because of what you are doing current profession, what motivates you.

5 – What is your job gives you.

6 – What is the impact of your colleagues for your work performed.


4 Business

This alignment tarot reading will be useful for those with work experience looking for a new place of employment, and people still take the first steps in the formation in his professional career.

1 – Characteristics of the current situation.

2 – Your potential.

3 – quality characteristics required for the device to work.

4 – Device Prospects for a new job.

5 – What is waiting for you on your new career.


5 Professional growth.

This tarot reading is designed to enable you to assess the prospects for your career development office. With it, you can understand, on what areas of professional activity, you should concentrate on what should be abandoned and that will bring you current events.

1 – Characteristics of the case at the moment.
2 – What you will be able to achieve if there is the possibility of growth.
3 – What aspects of your professional activity, you should pay close attention.
4 – On what would have to give.
5 – Dangers you in this position.
6 – Council, the forecast for the future.


6 Business decision

1 – All “FOR business.”

2 – All that “AGAINST.”

3 – The effects of this decision.

4 – Consequences in case of failure of this path.

5 – All that you did not pay attention, but that may affect the outcome of the case.

6 – All that you pay more attention than it deserves.

7 – 8 – 9 – The result, the outcome of the case, the result of which you will find after the decision.


7 Alignment for business

1 – Can I start a business?

2 – Will I have partners?

3 – Will my products are in demand (or the public interest, if the product is not material)?

4 – Will the hard work?

5 – Do I need right now to change something?

6 – Is not there still some crucial details that I missed?
7 – Will I have good luck?

8 – Do I have to bring money to this business?

9 – What type of advertising should I use?

10 – What’s over?


8 The balance of money

1 – As I have is the case with the money?

2 – I do not have enough financial stability?

3 – how money can make me happy?

4 – My previous attitude to money.

5 – Problems in connection with the responsibility for financial well-being.

6 – New plans for investments.

7 -My distant plans related to money.

8 – Do I have any special abilities to get the money?

9 The balance of career

1 – Selected my career – really what I want?

2 – What steps should I (should) be done to improve their situation?

3 – Is there anything in my career is something I can not change?

4 – Do I do everything in my power?

5 – What can I change to contribute to their career development?

6 – What are the negative aspects of the past are now affect my career?

7 – What is the overall result?


10 The balance of business

1 – What disturbs me in my business?

2 – Do I know the situation?

3 – Do I need to consult with superiors?

4 – Do the work of health problems caused?

5 – Will there be any change soon at business?

6 – Should I look for a new job or business?

7 – The overall result.


11 The decision to change jobs

This tarot reading is used most often in cases where the questioner wants and needs to decide on a career change. It allows you to examine in detail the pros and cons of the current operation, and also shows the opportunities and challenges that may arise in the new job. With it, you can get specific advice and instructions on how to proceed to avoid mistakes and failures.

S – Significator. What Significator?

1 – The current professional situation.

2 – What it brings satisfaction.

3 – What do not like.

4 – latent desire.

5 – 6 – What speaks in favor of a job change.

7 – 8 – What speaks for it to stay.

9 – What should be done?


To leave or stay?

This tarot reading is designed for those who are thinking about retirement. It will help analyze your current situation, and to understand how such a decision will affect your life.

1 – Characteristics of your current position.

2 – What kind of changes would entail retirement.

3 – What will happen if you continue to work.

4 – Does the circumstances of your departure.

5 – What actions need to take to achieve your retirement.

6 – What are the obstacles that may arise.

7 – Council.

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