SOWELU (INTEGRITY. VITALITY. ENERGY OF SUN.) (straight rune)This is the rune of victory, power, and integrity. Some authors tend to define the rune of the Sun as the rune of the total, and in some way it makes sense – indeed, integrity, the synthesis of opposites and any movement. It also means creative energy, the desire to win and succeed in everything.

The value of rune SOWELU (INTEGRITY. VITALITY. ENERGY OF SUN.) (straight rune)

In what situation are you now:

The revelation of the Main Path.

What can not be allowed:

Flat interpretation of events; excessive socialization.

You should be in this situation:

True self-realization.

What shall I do?:

Focus on yourself and not on others.

Runes are advising to you:

Do not put yourself restrictions – now you are free, more than ever.

Keep in mind about:

Now your strength is enough to connect to a powerfull source of internal energy.

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