Slimming with the stars Astro-practical

S had you your horoscope can help you find the plan that suits you best? Discover your strengths and the foods you can allow yourself!

Strengths sign by sign

Cach sign has a quality to adapt its system to operate its organization and stay motivated.

Aries : listening to his body. Naturally feel what makes him feel good.
Taurus : concrete. Gives itself the means.
Gemini : ruled by Mercury, planet of health. Good knowledge of the body.
Cancer : self-protective. Don’t put your health at risk.
Lion : robust. Generally benefits from a good constitution.
Virgo : pragmatic. Knows how to set goals within his reach.
Libra : cerebral. Create harmony between body and mind.
Scorpion : enduring. Need to surpass themselves.
Sagittarius : conqueror. Draws his motivation from a spiritual approach.
Capricorn: disciplined. Has great willpower.
Aquarius : experimental. Ready to try all methods.
Fish : clever. Find tips to make the diet less difficult.

Weak points sign by sign

Discover how your sign can make your efforts more difficult … Keep these defects lead to better anticipate!
Aries : impatient. Can drop everything overnight.
Taurus : stubborn. Tends not to know how to stop.
Gemini : superficial. Lets go too much, or on the contrary, exaggerates on thinness.
Cancer : subject to emotions. Does not withstand diet stress very well.
Lion : angry. Too strict a diet can make it impossible to live!
Virgo : perfectionist. Suffers from not being satisfied with its weight.
Libra : inactive. Too concerned with his thoughts, fails to stick to a diet.
Scorpion : obsessive. In fact too.
Sagittarius : greedy. And gluttony is the worst enemy of diets!
Capricorn : stressed. At the impression of never being able to get there.
Aquarius : extreme. Goes into impossible or dangerous regimes.
Pisces : inconsistent. Lack of rigor

Active or passive regime?

The “active” diet
The native of a male sign will be more likely to succeed in losing weight if he adopts an active attitude which aims at a precise objective.
Our advice : concretely change your diet by removing the sauce and delicacies, feel the efforts made in your body, set a personal and adapted method, and above all exercise physically!

The “passive” diet
The native of a female sign generally succeeds better in a diet if it is an effort of endurance that takes the emotional into account.
Our advice : reduce your food portions, follow a gentle or group method for outside support and find alternative pleasures like buying a dress just too small to give yourself more motivation!


• Dark foods (cereal bread, wholemeal rice…)
• Vegetables and red fruits (eggplant, strawberry…)
• Red meat and game
• Spices

Tip : you don’t need to eat a lot, favor the taste!

Earth :

• Yellow foods (pasta, semolina…)
• Crustaceans
• Meats and dairy products
• Vegetables and fruits growing in and on the ground (potato, pumpkin…)

Tip: to keep the pleasure of eating, vary your diet as much as possible.


• White foods (rice, dairy products, etc.)
• Poultry
• Vegetables and fruits growing on trees (avocado, coconut, etc.)
• Dried fruits

Tip : do not cook cooked and fatty dishes, prefer simple recipes.


• Green food (salad, cabbage…)
• Fish
• Vegetables and fruits which contain a lot of water (cucumber, pineapple…)
• Dishes cooked in or with water (broth, soup, steamed…)

Tip : consider adding enough protein to your diet.

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