Scorpio horoscopeYour Sun sign is Scorpio. You are ambitious and are skilful at using other people’s energies as well as your own, to achieve your goals. You can be intense and secretive. You have a tendency to be extreme in your behavior. You will have strong likes and dislikes and once you have made your mind up about something, you are unlikely to change it in the short term. However, your dual planet ruler Pluto, shows you that on the longer term you do have the ability to start afresh, always with determination and strong feelings. You make a fantastic lover, being very passionate and with a strong desire for sex. But sometimes your passions run away with you. You could start a secret affair, as secretiveness is part of your nature. In this case, it is likely to lead to arguments and end in tears.

Keywords  Forceful, determined, critical, inspirational, competitive, ambitious

Ruler          Mars and Pluto

Symbol      The Scorpion and The Eagle

Metal         Iron

Colors        Scarlet

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