Sagittarius horoscopeYour Sun sign is Sagittarius. You enjoy exploring new areas of life and take up opportunities enthusiastically to do this, making you more intellectually and sensually experienced. A Sagittarian is a bit like a Super-Gemini (sorry Gemini) as he does most of the things a Gemini would, but in a deeper way and with more significance. You are a happy-go-lucky person who will take every opportunity to broaden you experience. You love sports and the outdoor life for the sense of freedom that they bring you. But as a lover you can be a bit difficult to pin down. You have strong desires and feelings, so don’t have a problem getting involved initially. However, as soon as you feel that your freedom is being restricted, you can sometimes be overcome with a feeling of panic that makes you want to escape from the relationship. Your partner will have to be understanding, and give you enough freedom that you will not feel claustrophobic. In this case you can be very happy, although you will usually become settled at a later date than most of your friends.

Keywords  Loyal, enthusiastic, restless, generous, broad-minded, open

Ruler          Jupiter

Symbol      The Archer

Metal         Tin

Colors        Dark blues and Purple

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