Playing cards divination on 13 cards

Choose from a deck of 13 cards thinking about yourself and your affairs:

Playing cards divination online on 13 cards. Playing cards divinationThis is a complex fortune telling. It will show a detailed picture of the situation around you. Maps show things like:

  1. Your thoughts are now
  2. About what you are worried?
  3. What obstacles do you have in your way?
  4. The most important thing for you now.
  5. What kind of events await you in the near future?
  6. The cause of your problems or loneliness
  7. The end result of your business or make a wish.

True playing cards divination by 13 cards

This fortune telling can tell you a lot about what is happening now. Both around you and in your soul. To play cards fortune telling, think about yourself during fortune telling. Concentrate on your thoughts. Then pull out from the deck of 13 cards. And read the interpretation. In addition to the layout of 13 cards, you can try our other divinations. For example, divination for tomorrow – for the near future. Or check the result of this fortune-telling with one of TAROT fortune-telling.

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