Pisces horoscopeYour Sun sign is Pisces. You like to understand other people; their problems and what makes them tick. Your power of intuition helps you to do this. Your symbol is of two fish, swimming in different directions, but linked together. This can often represent the difficulties that you may encounter in life. as you feel yourself drawn in opposite directions. One way of counteracting these feelings is to concentrate on other peoples problems rather than your own. This is something that you are rather good at, although it is not a good recipe for a happy life, as you must try and resolve any conflicting feelings within yourself. This is always possible so long as you keep you hopes alive. Once you have overcome this, your horoscope (you will need a full analysis of all the planets and their position at the time of your birth) will be open to reveal your full potential. This will mean that your control of your emotions and imagination (not by denying them) , will unleash a surge of positive creativity that can be harnessed for the best purposes.

Keywords  Imaginative, sentimental, emotional, feeling, kind, sympathetic

Ruler          Neptune and Jupiter

Symbol      The Two Fish

Metal         Tin

Colors        Blue-Green

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