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Palmistry ReadingsThe origins of palmistry are thousands of years old, when wise men and spiritualists were recognised by the signs on their hands. Gradually, it was realised that important aspects of everyone’s character and potential can be revealed by the study of the hands. Modern palmistry has now evolved into three main areas, the study of the lines on the hand or chiromancy, the study of the shape and form of the hands and fingers, and the study of the skin patterns on the hands. For your analysis today, we are going to concentrate on the lines of your hands. Each of your hands has a different meaning. If you are right handed, then the left hand tells you about your potential, both inherited and destined and the right hand tells you about what you have achieved of your potential so far. We will now look at your potential in life as shown by the lines, so if you are right handed,  look at the palm of your left hand and compare it with the diagram above. If you are left handed, look at your right hand. Remember that lines that are deep and strong will have a bigger effect than a line of the same length that is weak. Also remember that you have a great ability to affect your destiny. Your hand may show that you are basically lucky, but this does not mean that unnecessary risks should be taken. The lines on your hand are not set in concrete. As your attitudes and lifestyle change, so will the lines on your hand – but they reveal accurate feelings of how things look for you today.
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Life Line

You have chosen to learn about your life line. Most people are a little bit concerned when they ask about their life line, but I should tell you that your life line tells you just as much about your energy and vitality for life as it does about the length of your life and your health. So, if your life line is long it doesn’t always mean a long life, and if it is short it doesn’t mean that your life will be short, but maybe that you are lacking in zest and energy. This common misconception has put many people off palmistry, so don’t be afraid. The life line begins at the edge of your palm between your thumb and your index finger and then curves down around the Mount of Venus, the fleshy pad at the bottom of your thumb. Exactly where it begins is important. If it begins high up near the base of your index finger, then it shows that you are highly ambitious with a will to succeed. The nearer the thumb it starts, then the more likely it is that your destiny in life is to be someone who follows the lead of others, although this will not restrict what you can achieve. If your line is long and deep it shows a strong constitution and abundant energy. If the line is short and well marked it shows plenty of energy and good health but warns you to take good care of this by looking after yourself. A long line that is weak, shows a weaker constitution, a tendency to pick up illnesses if you neglect yourself, and general indecisiveness in life. Marks and other lines that join the life line are also important. Islands formed by other lines show periods of less energy and vitality, and are a time to take things easy. When these periods occur depends on where the island is on the line. The top of your life line represents your birth, and when it reaches the bottom of your palm, roughly the age of 70, so you can use this as a guide. If your life line shows a real break, especially if the lines do not overlap, then this is a warning to be especially careful at this time. Lines which join the life line horizontally show minor problems with your life energy or health and lines which cross the life line show possible times of tension or worries that will need your emotional strength. If your life line forks at the bottom, this is a sign of strong resistance to disease, and any lines branching upwards from your life line are generally helpful to your health and vitality. The shape of your life line is also important. If it is well curved around the mount of Venus, then this shows a great energy for passion and sensuality. If it moves down close to your thumb across the mount of Venus, it shows that you should try to be less inhibited and should learn to relax as this will help you. If your line moves away from the mount of Venus towards the other side of your palm then this shows a liking for travel and a restless spirit. Lastly, the connection that your life line makes with your head line is significant. If it is separated from the head line it shows that you are more likely to be someone who is extroverted and impatient, whereas if it is connected, it shows that you are likely to be a more careful type who takes longer to make decisions. The longer that the life line is connected, then the more dependent you are on others, especially your family.

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Heart Line

You have chosen to learn about your heart line. The heart line is the chief indicator on your hand of your emotional potential and well being, the strength and type of your sexual desires, and how romantic and sensitive you are. With some rare people the heart line combines with the head line to create a single line that crosses the palm. This is called the simian line and tells that you are a very intense person whose head rules their heart. If the other hand shows a separate heart line or there are some curving horizontal lines above the simian line, then potential for loving is still good, although the intensity remains. A straight heart line shows that you are someone who is a mental type of lover. This may mean that you enjoy the romantic side to relationships or that you like fantasising about love, playing with ideas and images in your head. A more upward curving line, shows that the physical side of relationships is predominantly important, although unless the curve is exaggerated, this will usually indicate a good balance. The length of the heart line is also important. The longer it is, then the more outward going you are in relationships. A shorter line shows that you tend to be shy and introverted, which can sometimes make beginning relationships more difficult. The finger under which the heart line ends tells you a good deal more about your emotionality. If the line ends underneath the Saturn finger, then this is an indicator that the physical side of relationships is important to you. You have powerful instincts and urges. If the line ends between the Saturn and Jupiter fingers, even if it is a way below them, this shows a more balanced approach between the physical and emotional side in relationships whereas if it ends under the Jupiter finger then this shows that your relationships are more likely to be on the mental and emotional plane, a real romantic whose heart rules your love life. Where the heart line crosses over the palm and then moves down to touch the head line, this shows that you have difficulty sometimes in knowing who really loves you, which could lead to misplaced relationships. Lines that rise up from the heart lines show relationships or times that are important emotionally, whereas lines that drop down can shows times of disappointment or emotional difficulty. The timing of these relationships can be roughly estimated by taking the beginning of the line as being the finger that it ends under, which is when you were born, and the other end of the heart line as representing 70 years old. Chains and islands on your heart lines can show that you are sensitive in love and may fall in and out of love easily, being easily influenced by others. The space between you heart line and your head line is also significant. The further apart they are then the more broadminded and unconventional you tend to be. If they are very close together then you tend to be narrow-minded.

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Head Line

You have chosen to learn about your head line. The head line is the chief indication on your hand of the type of intellect that you have and your psychological makeup. How the head line begins is important. It starts in the same area as the life line, that is between the thumb and the index finger, nearest the thumb. If the head line just touches the life line, then you are someone who is thoughtful and careful. if it follows the life line for half an inch or so then you are likely to be over cautious, probably because you think things over too much and are afraid. Relaxation and hobbies can help you to take your mind off things.

If your head line is narrowly separated from your life line then you are a confident risk taker, but not a gambler. You seem to instinctively know when things will turn out right for you. If your head line starts off widely separated from your life line then you must be careful not to take silly risks in life, especially financially or with your career. You must also work hard to maintain your interest in your career and work. The shape of the head line is important. A line that curves down shows that your mind works more on an instinctive and intuitive level, whereas the straighter it is the more practically oriented your intellect is. A deeper line adds concentration and strength to your mind. A long line means greater intellectual flexibility, whereas a short line shows that you are interested in more practical matters. For instance, if you had a short, deep straight line this would show powerful concentration on practical matters or in other words that you are a good organiser. Many business people have short deep lines. If your line is wavy, then it shows that your powers of intellect vary from time to time. Similarly if it has islands in it formed by other lines, this can show times of intellectual difficulty or worry. Timing these periods can be done in the same way as for the life line, that is taking the end of the head line as being 70 years and estimating the time to the feature from the beginning, or the time you were born. Lastly, the slope of the head line is also significant. If your line goes horizontally then it shows that you are mainly practical, if it slopes slightly downwards then you have greater imaginative powers and if it slopes sharply downwards then your imagination is so fertile that it can lead to a lack of realism, Try to keep it under control and use it for creative purposes.

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Sun Line

You have chosen to learn about your Sun Line or the line of Apollo. This line if it exists on your hand can tell you a lot about your potential for success and how optimistic and satisfied you are in life. It may agree and combine with other readings on your hand in which case it strengthens those aspects or it may disagree in which case it may soften certain aspects or create periods of changeability in your fortune and feelings of satisfaction. Don’t worry if your Sun line isn’t very long as it is only the rare few who have long distinct sun lines. If it is short but distinct, in most cases this means that success and a feeling of contentment will come later in life. If it is long and clear, this reveals a huge potential for success, wealth, fame and happiness. This is quite common in the hands of famous people and entertainers although in certain cases people who have always gained enormous fulfilment from music and the arts will also have the line. Gaps in the line or short horizontal lines that cross the sun line may indicate periods when success is more difficult or halted. However, if the sun line ends in a star shape, then this is a clear indication of fame. A rough idea of the timing of events on the line is given by extending the line to the base of the palm and then dividing it into three sections, the lowest representing youth, the central section representing the middle years, and the upper section later life.

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Line of Fate

You have chosen to learn about your fate line. The fate line starts at the base of the palm and then climbs up the palm to the bottom of the second or Saturn finger. It may not exist at all or may be very weak in which case it means that you may lack a sense of purpose or direction unless you have found some focus to keep your interest. If it exists at all, then it shows a sense of responsibility and purpose in life, and gives you control over your destiny. The stronger your fate line is then the more contented you will be with the direction in which your life is proceeding. The higher up on your hand that the line starts points to the likelihood that a sense of personal achievement will come later in life, perhaps after some setbacks. A rough idea of the timing of events on the line is given by extending the line to the base of the palm and then dividing it into three sections, the lowest representing youth, the central section representing the middle years, and the upper section later life.

Where the fate line begins is important. If it begins inside the life line then it shows a reliance on the family to help get you started in life. If it begins on the other side of the hand it shows that your directions in life will be varied, with potential to follows many different paths or careers. If the line ends under the Saturn finger then its shows a satisfying career and life that lasts well into your later years. If the line ends between your Saturn and Jupiter fingers then it shows a more artistic or financially rewarding life. If the line ends under the Jupiter finger then your career will involve leadership. Islands formed by other lines joining the Fate lines show times of indecisiveness and breaks in the line warn of times when your career or life may be interrupted or maybe when you make a change of direction. A rough idea of the timing of events on the line is given by extending the line to the base of the palm and then dividing it into three sections, the lowest representing youth, the central section representing the middle years, and the upper section later life. If the fate line starts at the wrist, then joins the life line and separates from it later, this shows that you make some sacrifice to what you see as your true path in life. When the line moves away from the life line again, you follow your own sense of direction once more. Short lines that cross the fate line show obstacles to be overcome. the heavier these lines are then the greater the obstacle, especially if a gap in the line appears after the obstacle.

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Luck Line

You have chosen to learn about your lines of good fortune. The lines of good fortune or rascettes run across the wrist at the base of the palm. Not everybody has them, but where they are clear and run straight from side to side they are a strong indicator of the amount of luck or good fortune. The general rule is that each clear line shows 30 years good fortune or good health. As usual, the stronger and clearer that the line is, the more pronounced the effect is. Any gaps in the lines or lines that are very weak point to times when good fortune will be at a low, but this could be overcome by hard work and a careful attitude to life. Timing when this could happen is a bit tricky, but the best rule is to look at the other lines that are easier to time and come to some judgement based on what you see there. Altogether, these line are like a background to the rest of your palm and should not be looked at on their own. If they do not exist, nothing in particular is indicated, except that good luck will not play a large role in your life, so you should look carefully at the other lines on your palm instead. Other marks on your palm that indicate good fortunes are lines that form the shape of the letter M and lines that together form the shape of a triangle. In both cases the form of the shape need not be exact, but rather that you should be able to make out the shape clearly with your finger.

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Line of Travel

You have chosen to learn about your travel lines. These lines are usually horizontal and start at the lower side of the palm opposite the base of the thumb. They tell you about your feelings of restlessness and desire to travel in life. The more of these lines that you have, the more frequent will be the desire to travel, and the deeper and longer they are, the stronger the feelings will be. Particularly strong lines often reflect journeys undertaken that have had a significant impact on your life, such as a move to live abroad or a long time spent in foreign parts. Another good indication of living abroad, or the significance of travel, is when your life line either forks towards the travel side of the palm, or move over completely. If your palm shows many travel lines, but you have accomplished little in the way of travel, then it often shows that your feelings of restlessness are being frustrated in some way, perhaps by responsibilities close to home that are preventing you from fulfilling your destiny in this respect.

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Line of Intuition

The line of intuition is quite a rarity, especially if it is clear. The line usually appears in the shape of a curve or crescent and curves out from the side of the lower palm, opposite the thumb side. If you have this line it means that you are a very instinctive and intuitive person. When you have to evaluate situations or problems, you tend to rely on your strong sense of intuition. Even if all the normal signs are that you should take one course of action, you will follow your intuition and do something quite different if necessary. You are always proved to be uncannily right in the end. When the line is particularly clear it often indicates someone who has fine psychic properties, who has the potential to be a clairvoyant or healer.

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Relationship Line

You have now chosen to learn about your relationship lines. These lines are usually of medium length and horizontal and start at the edge of your palm underneath your little finger. A longish, strong single horizontal line usually shows that you will have one dominant and happy relationship in your life. More than one line shows other significant relationships that affect your life at various times. How long they last depends on how long the line is, and how strongly they affect you depends on how deep and clear the line is. Lines which curve upwards tell you that the relationship is successful whereas relationship lines that curve downwards tell of disappointment or more difficult endings. An island formed on the line by another one shows potential for a time of trouble in the relationship, but one which has a definite beginning and end and so can be completely overcome. Another useful indication that appears on some people’s hands is when the line branches into two at the end. This can show a number of things, either that you and your partner in the relationship tend to go your separate ways more as time passes, or that you simply develop separate interest. Either way, it is a warning to watch out unless your separate ways lead to separate partners as well. The positioning of the lines give an idea of the order of the relationships. The earlier relationships are closest to the heart line and the later ones nearer the base of the little finger. Closely linked to the relationships lines are children’s lines which show your potential number of offspring. They are usually, fine lines that are connected to your relationship line and rise vertically upward from it. Counting the number of lines gives some indication of your potential, although in cases where you are single but work closely with children or develop strong relationships with them , these lines indicate strong bonds.

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