Online Guessing on the Book of Changes for free

Click on the button to start divination. You need to click on the button 6 times thinking about the desire.

Book of ChangesDivination by the book of changes is one thing – from the most ancient divinations in the world, the great philosophers of the East believed that this divination accurately conveys the state of your situation and points the right way for your further actions.

Book of Changes – fortune telling online

Book of Changes, there is not just -fortunetelling that gives an answer to your question, this is part of the philosophy of the Confucian Pentateuch. This fortune telling begins as early as four millennia BC and is the canonical text of Buddhist teachings.
The basis of divination is the interpretation of 64 hexagrams. Each of which consists of six elements of solid or interrupted lines, which are formed by throwing coins. If tossed coins in most eagles fall, then you get a solid line. If tails the line is interrupted.

Online guessing the book of change

Online fortune telling on the book of changes is no different from ordinary fortune telling using coins. In the online fortunetelling book of changes, you should also concentrate on your question before the beginning of fortunetelling. After that, press the divination button six times, thinking about your problem and maintaining a pause of 1-2 seconds. With such a fortune telling, you will get a result that is no different from ordinary fortune telling and does not contradict the philosophy of luck relating in this book of changes.
And if you are interested in fortune telling what a person thinks of me, and this is most likely related to romantic affairs, such as fortunetelling per person, then the best situation will show the fortunetelling on the Tarot cards online.

Hexagram Book of Changes

Hexagram Book of Changes consists of two parts. Top and bottom. As a result, we get a hexagram of six horizontal lines. The whole book of changes consists of 64 hexagrams. Each hexagram that fell to you describes your situation. The book of changes also gives recommendations for solving problems and further actions.

Guessing Book

The Book of Changes has been the most popular Guessing book for thousands of years. Unfortunately, no accurate translation of this book has reached our days. However, as the experience of many generations shows, divination by the book of changes is truthful and accurate. Prophecy, the book of changes always accurately describes our current situation. And do not get too upset if you have a terrible hexagram. There are no hopeless situations. And in each hexagram of the Yingjing divination book, there is a positive aspect. Even in the worst four hexagrams 3, 29, 39, 47, there are clear guidelines for solving the situation and. And if the book of divination issued one of these hexagrams, it means that everything will be adjusted further. After all, the worst that could happen has already happened. And in the future, you will have a much more positive future.

Guessing by the Book of Changes

Online divination by the book of changes is one of the most ancient divinations that have survived to this day. Guessing through the book of changes can not only answer your question but also indicate the way to solve the situation. Divination according to the book of changes is not just divination, but part of Confucian philosophy.

Book of Changes for Free

The book of changes will give free advice to all who wish it. Guessing by the book of change cannot be equated to the usual online fortunetelling on the card. According to the book of changes were written philosophical treatises. After all, the hexagram book of changes is instead not a book of divination, but a philosophy of life.

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