Magical Days of the Week

The days of the week in Europe are associated with each of the planets (hence their names). The Romans also associated the planets with their gods, as did the Celtic peoples.
Spells and magic in general are very sensitive to the environment; especially, to the moon phases and their energy, as well as the days of the week in which they take place. For all this, and to achieve maximum efficiency in our requests, we will perform our spells respecting the days of the week and the moon phases.



Planet: Sun
Colors: yellow, gold and orange (yellowish orange)

The Sun has always been associated with the male sex, man and all authority figures, since it is the star king. Therefore, spells can be performed in everything that has to do with male energy, father, authority figures, etc … It is a good day to ask for leadership, power, prosperity, goals, ambitions and money.

Sunday is dedicated to Jesus, therefore you can ask for health, peace and happiness.
It is associated with fire, heat, etc …


moonPlanet: Moon
Colors: white, silver, pearl and gray

Pairing the Sun we have the Moon, which is the feminine side. The Moon is associated with femininity and women, with the occult, with magical and divinatory powers, reincarnation and spirituality, etc. … Also for night spells that need moon energy, beauty, mental clarity, psychology, dreams, projection. astral, etc. … Mondays are favorable for rituals of opening roads or opening of roads.

Associated with water, darkness and mystery.


Planet: Mars
Colors: red and red with white.

It is a “masculine” day, ruled by the god of war Mars.
On Tuesdays you can work all kinds of requests that have to do with courage, courage, action, aggression, energy, sports and very physical jobs, weapons and gunpowder, police and military, struggles, business, engineering and mechanics, metals, leadership and sexuality.

Associated with weapons and gunpowder.


Planet: Mercury
Colors: purple, violet, magenta, purple and dark blue.

The male god Mercury is associated with concentration, intelligence, and mental power.
Mercury governs communication above all. Also everything related to memory, education, students and difficult subjects, language learning, expression and art. Wednesday is a good day to practice divination.

Associated with communication.


jupiterPlanet: Jupiter
Colors: blue and metallic colors

Thursday is associated with the masculine energy of the god Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Therefore, it will magnify and make bigger what we do.

This day is very suitable for spells of growth and expansion, abundance, success and health. It is a good time to focus on social and political problems, business issues where logic is used. It is a day that favors religious and philosophical themes, psychology and spiritual search.


Planeta: Venus
Colores: rosa, rosa con blanco y colores “pastel”.

Es el día dedicado a la diosa Venus: la diosa del amor y el romanticismo. Es un día especialmente femenino y propicio para las mujeres. En este día se puede pedir cualquier cosa relacionada con el amor, amistad, harmonía, afecto, relaciones sociales, alianzas, fidelidad, matrimonios y parejas, belleza, atracción, etc.…Es el día de los artistas, diseñadores, creativos y bailarines.
Está asociado al amor.


saturnPlanet: Saturn
Colors: black, gray and brown.

It is a good day for energy and discharge cleaning. On a waning moon, it is used to clean the house, neutralize bad vibrations and ask for protection.

Saturn’s energy is feminine and therefore appropriate for divination and psychic abilities.
Saturdays are performed hehizos and rituals related to magical “ties”, restrictions, separations, limitations or infidelities; also with death and disease.

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