Libra horoscopeYour Sun sign is Libra. You like to develop strong and happy friendships which satisfy your desire that all should run smoothly in life. You are charming and easy going. You work hard to find the right relationship and use your charms to their best advantage. You don’t like any arguments as this would seem most awkward to you. But you must truly love the other person, otherwise you may slowly get eaten up by those typically Libran thoughts about your partner such as “He is a great guy, but on the other hand his habit of …..really drives me mad” You love beauty so your partner is likely to be good looking, otherwise you won’t be quite happy! You are likely to be intelligent so will do better in jobs that use these abilities rather than doing manual work.

Keywords  Spiritual, affectionate, level-headed, fair, quiet, helpful

Ruler          Venus

Symbol      The Balance

Metal        Copper

Colors       Blue and lighter shades of red

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