Leo horoscopeYour Sun sign is Leo. You like organizing people and working with them in a close relationship. You are likely to be extroverted and energetic and are usually very self- assured. In love you are generous with your affection and your emotion, simply wanting to bring your feelings of happiness tou your partner. You are a natural born leader, who naturally finds your way to the top. This is not usually by being too pushy, but rather by relying on your best instincts and having a complete faith in yourself. The only time you get a bit low is when you trust other people in the same way that others trust you, but they let you down. This make you feel unappreciated. Detailed thinking is not your strength, but you have no problem in grasping the essence of problems when other people are fussing over the details and get nowhere.

Keywords  Enthusiastic, independent, creative, positive-thinking, generous hearted

Ruler          Sun

Symbol      The Lion

Metal         Gold

Colors        Gold and deep reds.

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