ISA (STAGNATION. LET. ICE.) (straight rune)This rune of ice in the literal and figurative sense of the word. The underlying meaning of the rune is freezing, fettering, stagnation. However, in the Nordic Tradition ice is, along with fire, one of the creative elements, the unity and opposition that gives the rise to the existence of the whole world.

The value of rune ISA (STAGNATION. LET. ICE.) (straight rune)

In what situation are you now:


What can not be allowed:

Active search for external assistance.

You should be in this situation:


What shall I do?:

Learn to be sincerely happy to the small.

Runes are advising to you:

Now your private reserves are more significant than you think, but you will find them only if you do not expect too much.

Keep in mind about:

There is a period of internal development that has a direct meaning that is not yet available to you

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