Gypsy fortune telling – guessing online

Make a wish or question and select 9 cards:

Gypsy fortune telling online on playing cards here! Gypsy fortune tellingThe essence of this divination is as follows:

  1. You pick nine cards from your deck thinking about your desire.
  2. Get three rows of three cards
  3. The first row is your past
  4. Second row – present
  5. And accordingly, the third row is the future.

Gypsy fortune telling opens your future to you. It is especially good to use this fortune telling for questions about love and friendship. That is, this fortune-telling reveals family and heart affairs better.

How to guess in gypsy witch fortune telling cards

If you are guessing online. Then focus on your question. And draw cards. Do not count the number of cards. When you select nine pieces, you will automatically get the result. If you want to repeat the gypsy guessing on the cards yourself. Then shuffle the deck first. And remove it to your side. And after that, layout 9 cards in three rows. It doesn’t matter if you’re guessing online or on real maps. Believe me, the result will be the same. This has already been tested repeatedly.

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