Guess on desire one card – YES/NO

Choose one card from the deck thinking about desire:

Guess on desire one card – it will come true or not.Guess on desire one card

This is the simplest fortune-telling on playing cards. Ask the question cards about your desire. And immediately get an answer. The answer can be of three types:

    • YES
    • NOT
  • The answer with an explanation or reservation.

This is a very easy online fortune telling. But if you guess by the rules. That fortune-telling one card will be very accurate. Use it in any questions. Requiring an answer YES or NO. But remember. That particular question is asked only once a day. Otherwise, do not wait for truthful answers. Of course, you can guess on desire many times with this fortune-telling immediately. But the questions should be different. Then such a fortune telling will be accurate. And help to know your wishes will come true or not. And, you can just ask the cards whether it is worth doing something or not. This is an analog of all divinations YES/NO. Such divination is in TARO, and in divination by the runes and in all other divinations.

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