Guess for an event in the future

To find out what event awaits you in the future, think about yourself and click the "Read the cards" button:

Guessing on the event on playing cards online. Guess for an event in the futureThis is a well-known fortune telling. Especially for those who have ever been fond of guessing on cards . A deck of cards is divided into four piles. And open one card with each. According to open cards and interpret what awaits guessing in the future. There are several combinations of cards that prophesy a certain event in the future. For example, four diamond cards promise success and fame. Clubs + Spades Queen warn of a large number of problems in the future because of a long tongue.

Rules of guess for event on playing cards

It may be that the cards will not tell you immediately. Therefore, this fortune-telling on an event in the future can be repeated several times. Until the cards tell you about your future. True, there are several rules for this fortune-telling :

  1. Never guess with this fortune telling on Mondays (truth cards will not tell)
  2. Do not guess for fun
  3. Do not guess at the time of illness and the sick person
  4. It is forbidden to guess during women’s days (those wherein advertising show that women run and jump for joy)

And so, this is a very useful fortune telling on an event in order to predict the events of the near future. In addition, you can guess with the Tarot cards online. Or ask the magic ball about your desire.

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