Gemini horoscopeYour Sun sign is Gemini. You like to change your lifestyle by trying out different things. You also enjoy an intellectual challenge and any opportunity to learn about new ideas. With your quick-witted intelligence and lively approach to life, you are a fun person to have around. You find it easy to express your affection and desire for someone, so readily attract the opposite sex,  as a lover,  you are not always reliable as you love trying different partners. This is good fun in the short term but can lead you into some nasty messes. You are best off in a job where you have to face lots of challenges. as soon as you feel that your job is restricting and going nowhere, you should make a quick change, otherwise you will find yourself getting unexepectedly down-hearted. You are especially good at any kind of work that involves using your legendary communication skills.

Keywords  Communicative, alive, alert, inventive, inquisitive

Ruler          Mercury

Symbol      The Twins

Metal         Mercury

Colors        All different kinds

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