Fortune yes no on playing cards

Make a wish and press the button “Read the cards” :

Fortune yes no on five playing cards. Fortune yes no on playing cardsThis divination consists of two parts. The first part is the top three cards. They are responsible for the likelihood of fulfillment of your wishes. These three cards take into account only their suit. Namely:

  • Hearts – the wish will come true
  • Spades – desire will not come true
  • Diamonds – the wish will come true if you remove the obstacles.
  • Clubs – low probability of fulfillment of desire.

The second part of fortune-telling yes no consists of two playing cards. One of which shows the obstacles to the fulfillment of desire. And the other shows events that will help this desire come true.

How to guess yes no on playing cards

Guessing yes no on playing cards should be once for one wish. You can’t ask the same cards several times. Ask the same question with a break in the day. Just before the fortune-telling, you need to focus on your desire. And then press the button to guess. If you are guessing on real playing cards. It should be remembered that they, like Tarot cards, do not want to be played with them. That is, the deck should be new. And also they do not like to be guessed by someone else besides you.

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