DAGAZ (BREAKTHROUGH. TRANSFORMATION. DAY.) (straight rune)A very light rune is combining two interconnected global concepts. In terms of the first, Dagaz can be defined as a rune of transformation or a rune of a breakthrough. In terms of the second – as a rune of prosperity, “day” (hence the name). It also means well-being, joy, health, and strength.

The value of rune DAGAZ (BREAKTHROUGH. TRANSFORMATION. DAY.) (straight rune)

In what situation are you now:

Sharp twist.

What can not be allowed:

Household or social profanation.

You should be in this situation:

Awareness of the meaning of the moment.

What shall I do?:

Trust your inner intuition.

Runes are advising to you:

Now is not the time for doubt.

Keep in mind about:

Successful completion of a large segment of the path – the fate puts your offset.

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