Runes MeaningThere were several different types of runes, and the earliest is the Priscantinian variant, used in the Germanic language. It was used in the period from I to VIII century n. E (in the history of the Germanic peoples it is the Roman iron age and the German iron age), and it is sometimes called the older future, or older runes. Senior rune only 24, they are found on weapons, decorations, and memorial stones. It was the oldest runes used later (until the XIII century.) For magical and sacred purposes. The younger runes Meaning (IX-XIII centuries) were used to create memorial inscriptions and did not have holy significance.

Mythological version of the origin of the Runes.

According to Norse mythology, the runes opened to Odin when, having pierced himself with a spear, he hung on the World Tree for nine days and nights without food and drink. Then, having quenched his thirst with holy (shaman) honey from his grandfather Bölthorn, he heard the runes and scribbled the first of them with a spear on the Tree with his blood.