How do planets affect us astrology? – Horoscopes of the planets

Sun Horoscopes The Sun tells you about your inner character and individuality, the real you. It is the most important feature of your birth chart horoscope together with the Moon and your Ascending sign, which is the sign that was rising on the horizon at your birth. The effect of the other planets will be […]


Your Sun sign is Pisces. You like to understand other people; their problems and what makes them tick. Your power of intuition helps you to do this. Your symbol is of two fish, swimming in different directions, but linked together. This can often represent the difficulties that you may encounter in life. as you feel […]


Your Sun sign is Libra. You like to develop strong and happy friendships which satisfy your desire that all should run smoothly in life. You are charming and easy going. You work hard to find the right relationship and use your charms to their best advantage. You don’t like any arguments as this would seem […]


Your Sun sign is Virgo. You are well organized in your everyday life and at work, with methodical attention to detail. When this talent is needed, you are a useful person to have around, so jobs which depend upon these qualities will be the best ones for you. You are quite happy to let other […]

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