Capricorn horoscopeYour Sun sign is Capricorn. You are practical and enterprising and work carefully towards your goals, with an inborn ability to bear hardship. This hardworking attitude will make you successful in the end. Your symbol is the Goat and like the goat there can be two ways in which Capricorn affects you. You may be like the mountain-goat, free to explore the world, make your own decisions, enjoying the great outdoors despite all the hard work your life can bring. On the other hand, you can be like the poor old goat tied up to a post in a field. You may feel restricted by your life and bad tempered about the way life has treated you. But you have decided to bear it all and are unlikely to crumple under the pressure. So which Capricorn fits you better? Remember, that you can always change. Your horoscope may show your psychological tendencies, but you journey through life is one of overcoming those negative ones and enhancing the good ones. Never lose your hope!

As a lover you are cautious and unlikely to make a bad choice so long as you can make a choice at all. Just remember that once you have made the choice, your partnership is likely to be long lasting.

Keywords  Loyal, enthusiastic, restless, generous, broad-minded, open

Ruler          Saturn

Symbol      The Goat

Metal         Lead

Colors        Dark ones

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