Cancer horoscopeYour Sun sign is Cancer. You are a caring person and work hard to get emotional security. To achieve this you put down strong roots usually by building a stable home life for yourself. Emotions rule you, to the extent that you feel rather than think about things. When emotions are the key to success, you will come out tops, but when logical thought is required in situations when your emotions are strong, you will make all the wrong decisions. As a lover you are terrific as a long term partner. Your feelings are naturally strong and caring although you can get easily hurt. At work you need to find a profession where your caring or careful nature is best regarded. Typically working with children or as a doctor would be good although most organizations have need for Cancerian qualities, for instance, in there personnel departments.

Keywords  Shrewd, caring, passive, feeling, sociable, home-loving

Ruler          Moon

Symbol      The Crab

Metal         Silver

Colors        Silver and pastels

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