Aquarius horoscopeYour Sun sign is Aquarius. You like a large circle of friends to swap ideas with and can be unconventional which makes you stand out from the crowd. You are a bit of a rebel and love to get attached to worthwhile causes, especially when you feel that they fight against oppression, cruelty or bureaucracy. In love you need to maintain a sense of freedom, but when you can achieve this, you will put a lot of effort into the relationship. You love the unusual in life. If something is known by everyone else you will just be bored by it. So you love learning about new and interesting ideas that feed your inward desire for the unconventional. You are wasted in a job that is dull. But if you work for an organization that needs people to react quickly to new ideas and then have good ideas about how to use them, then you will be in hot demand.

Keywords  Tolerant, optimistic, friendly, determined, creative

Ruler          Uranus and Saturn

Symbol      Water

Metal         Lead

Colors        Vibrant blue

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