♓ Pisces horoscope for today. Family, Work, Health, Love

Horoscope for today (04.07.2020) pisces

Family: In the relationship between you and your loved one can come cooling. Don't worry, it is most likely a temporary phenomenon. Try not to aggravate the situation, things will get better, the Fish will have to endure a period of decline, after it will definitely improve, be brave.

Job: Business - Affairs, and to leave others alone with their problems too bad. You, Pisces, never refused to help last time?

Health: today, Protect your vision, keep it gentle. Limit TV viewing, refrain from addictive computer games. If your work involves eye strain, take respite in order that they could rest. For sore and tired eyes do a fifteen - minute compresses with the infusion of lilac flowers, tea, grass ochanki.

Love: Spend more time with your loved one. Lately you started to forget that feelings require constant feeding.

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