♑ Capricorn horoscope for tomorrow. Family, Work, Health, Love

Horoscope for tomorrow (04.07.2020) capricorn

Family: the crisis of family relations is always to blame two. Therefore, do not rush from one extreme to another - then accusing himself of all sins, then arranging a "dismantling" of their married spouse. If you still feel affection and cherish each other, stop fighting and try to hold a constructive conversation, and even better, forgive each other's mistakes and offenses.

Job: All already know that You Capricorns like to shoot from the hip. Although it is often useful, but today we recommend you once again to think.

Health: Capricorn is threatened by exhaustion. Try not to exhaust yourself with work, and relax more. Sleep at least six hours a day and the best in the ventilated room. Try today to get out into nature, where your body faster recovers to be normal by the beginning of the tense next week.

Love: Going on a date, correctly count the forces and financial possibilities, in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

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