♏ Scorpio horoscope for today. Family, Work, Health, Love

Horoscope for today (04.07.2020) scorpio

Family: do Not forget about his personal life - joint concerts, theaters and a short trip around the neighborhood will help to establish a relationship with his "half" and recall its existence all members of the household and family. But at the same time will help to strengthen family - "the rear" that is not superfluous in our lives.

Job: Relax and try not to let business matters interfere Scorpio - today, all the problems you will solve today.

Health: are Advised to exercise caution on the street - too dangerous against injuries and accidents day. You never know what might happen. So better not to go alone in dark alleys, avoid construction sites, dilapidated houses, not down into the basement and don't creep around attics. And beam and brick, can the head fall. Better safe than sorry - sorry.

Love: do Not start first, because who knows what the mind of your partner. Today, the best attack is defense.

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