Fortune telling and Tarot reading online




With online fortune-telling you can not only foresee your future, but also get some fun or just find out whether online predictions actually come true.

When developing divinations for our site, we strictly adhere to established canons and follow the rules that are integral to the authentic fortune-telling.

Fortune-telling with the Book of Changes

Fortune-telling with the Book of Changes serves as a great example. Unlike other pseudo-divinations where you promptly receive a random hexagram, our online fortune-telling technique reflects the process used in authentic divination, but instead of tossing a coin for six times you press the button for six times. Other divination practices we perform also do not provide instant answers right after the webpage is loaded. You are first asked to think about your concerns and only then press the button. This helps to ensure the answers you get are honest and reliable.

We constantly add new fortune-telling methods to our website so that you can choose the one you trust the most. Online divinations with tarot cards and playing cards are already available on our website, and there’s more to come in the nearest future.

Most divinations are much more accurate than horoscopes. All the horoscopes that you read for a particular zodiac sign take into account its entire date range, which means the predictions refer to all the people who were born within that time period. This is why such horoscopes are hard to be taken seriously. Whereas fortune-telling involves individual approach and specifically addresses questions and concerns of every person seeking the advice.

Online fortune-telling does not exactly show you your future. However, sometimes, when you are in doubt and it is hard for you to make a decision, online divinations can be an excellent opportunity to ask your destiny of what you should do next. Besides, uncertain situations can put a lot of pressure on a person. Online fortune-telling is an excellent way to make decisions where logical approach is not of much help. After all, online divination is basically your intuition, fate and subconscious mind communicating with you openly through the fortune-telling process.

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